Karma is a Bitch.
Im Bianca & Im 20. You Can Sing To Me June 3rd. Tanning Is My Addiction. I Love Summer Weather. My Friends Mean The World To Me. I Can Eat Mexican Food Everyday For The Rest Of My Life. My Chevy Malibu Is My Baby Love. Sweeet Tea. Taylor Swift&Carrie Underwood. Purple Is My Favorite Color. David Beckham Is Beautiful. I Love Kendra. I Can Live In Victoria Secret&Buckle. Kardashians. I Wanna Live In Beach House.I Have A Crazy Obsession With Skinny Models. My Family Means The Most To Me. I Love Going Downtown. Taylor Street. Shopping Can Get Me Out Of Any Bad Mood. Im Always On My Phone. My Tumblr Will Consist Of Everything I Love & Obsessed With. Dont Like It, Dont Follow! Im From Illinois. :)
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Photo Courtesy: friendssinlowplaces


Photo Courtesy: friendssinlowplaces

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